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Submissions from 2013

Fanta Fanafody: Malagasy Traditional Medicine in a Globalized World, Mary Buswell , Carleton College

Factors Influencing Access to Healthcare Services, Melissa Delia , University of Pittsburgh

Poverty, Wealth, and How Traditional Medicine Would Benefit the United States, Becky Darin Goldberg , Tufts University

Integrated Health Care Systems: A Holistic Approach to Medicine, Tatiana Kaehler , Whitman College

Illusion or Ununderstood Reality: Spiritual or Psychic Healing and Protection in Southern Madagascar, Henri Lucien Sandifer , Carleton College

Approaches to Mental Illness in Madagascar: A Case for Reconciling Reason with Faith, Raisa Tikhtman , Transylvania University

Preventative Care and Culture, Anna Wagman , Dickinson College

Submissions from 2011

“Mind the Gap” Addressing the Gap Between Health Care Policy & Health Care Reality in Madagascar & the Way Forward Integrating Traditional Medicine & Ethical Reform Within Health Care, Laura Dillon , University of Vermont

How Do Religion and Belief Systems Influence Traditional Medicine and Health Care in Madagascar?, Whitney Franklin , University of Texas at Austin

Western Influence, Latent Racism, and Their Impact on Access to Health Care in Madagascar, Jessica Joy , Muhlenberg College

The Benefits of Having an Integrated Health Care System in Madagascar, Elizabeth Miller , University of Iowa

Plants, People, and Partnership in Madagascar: How Pharmaceutical Companies and Bioprospecting Ventures Must and May Positively Benefit the Communities Whose Resources They Use, Rebecca Slotkin , Washington University in St. Louis

Cultural Conceptions of Health, Caroline Stephens , George Washington University

Healers and Researchers: Towards a More Balanced Relationship, Gracie Tewkesbury , Duke University