Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2015

Talking Mirrors: Experiences of Older Transgender Adults and Culturally Competent Mental Healthcare Profes-sionals with Talk Therapy in the Netherlands, Kate Cieplicki, Hamilton College

Huggies, high-fives, and huismannen: Exploring the masculinity and everyday experiences of Dutch stay-at-home fathers, Courtney C. Grey, Stonehill College

“Forbidden Fruit”: Constructions and Representations of Eastern European Homosexuality in the Dutch Gay Paradise, Marty Miller, Rice University

Submissions from 2014

Men and Feminism: The Art of Negotiation, Emma Craig, Stonehill College

"Wiser and Wider": An Analysis of DSD Treatment Protocol in the Netherlands and Practitioner and Patient Attitudes Towards Medical Care, Mel Ferrara, Muhlenberg College

Normaal is gek genoeg: Homonormativity & Inclusivity in Amsterdam’s LGBTQ Community, Devin Hanley, Knox College

Slachtofferhulp: An Analysis of the Amsterdam Police Department’s Response to Lesbian Domestic Violence, Taylor Sczymecki, Skidmore College

Accessing Canal Pride: The Intersection of Identities for LGBT People with Physical Disabilities at a Global Event, Margaret Webb, Mount Holyoke College

Submissions from 2013

“Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby”: An Explorative Study of Sexual Communication Between Heterosexual Couples in The Netherlands, Maggy Di Costanzo, University of Puget Sound

How far would you go with him?: Interethnic Romantic and Sexual Encounters and Relations among Men in the Dutch Context, Dillon C. Harvey, Brandeis University

"It's About the Way You Fold Your Underwear": Dutch Interracial Relationships in the Colonial Context, Sarah Iverson, Smith College

There Are No Fat People in The Netherlands: Embodied Identities, Hypervisibility, and the Contextual Relevancy of Fatness, Jean Ochterski, Mount Holyoke College

Legislative Impact of the Construction of an “Abortion Culture”: A Comparative Analysis of the Enaction and Impact of Abortion Restriction Legislation in the Netherlands and the United States, Anna Schmitz, Macalester College

Cultivating Change: Women Transforming Holland’s Food System, Meg VanDeusen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2012

Prettiest in Pink? Dutch Teenage Girls and Femininity, Leah Allen, St. Michael's College

Who Are You to Tell Me What I Need and Don’t Need: An Investigation of the Medicalization of Transsexuality in the Netherlands, Brian Richter, Washington University in St. Louis

“Diversity is Our Daily Bread”: An Exploratory Study of the Dutch ‘Sexual Diversity in Education’ Policy, Alex Sirotzki, University of Washington-Seattle

Submissions from 2011

Men of God Homosexual and Catholic Identity Negotiation, Through Holland‟s Catholic Priests, Kyle Alexander, Fordham University

Passing the Test: The Transgender Self, Society and Femininity, Allison Bischoff, Washington University in St. Louis

The Perfect Storm: How Pro-Abortion Activists in the Netherlands Incite Social Change From International Waters, Julia Ellis‐Kahana, Brown University

Doulas Going Dutch: The Role of Professional Labor Support in the Netherlands, Monica He, Rice University

The Continuously Changing Self: The Story of Surinamese Creole Migration to the Netherlands, Jenise Ogle, Harvard University

Love for Sale: How Working Conditions Influence the Dramaturgical Presentation of Self for Sex Workers in Amsterdam, Elizabeth Scheib, Fordham University

Reconstructing the Farm: Life Stories of Dutch Female Farmers, Marisa Turesky, Brandeis University

Submissions from 2010

Queering Normal or Normalizing Queer? Marriage Equality and the Divisions Between the Queer and Mainstream Gay Movements in the Netherlands, Catharine Atkins, Vassar College

Discursive Study on Centrality of Dutch Society, Religiosity, and Female Body: How Five Women Reflect, on Faith, on Embodiment, and on Dutchness., Mollie Rachel Garber, American University

Alcohol and Dutch Masculinity: How Does Alcohol Influence the Dutch Male Image?, Adriana Lara, Franklin & Marshall College

HIV Risk Factors Among Moroccan and Turkish Same-Sex Attracted Youth in Amsterdam, Daniel Woznica, Washington University in St. Louis

Submissions from 2009

The Legalities and Realities of Emancipation Policies in the Netherlands and Their Associated Welfare State Typologies, Leigh Ellis, American University

Integrating Identities: Negotiating the Religious Lives of Homosexual Christians in the Netherlands, Scott Mitchell, University of Notre Dame

Gendered Perspectives on Holland’s Prison Programs: Statistics and Practices, Amanda Pisetzner, Lafayette College

Breaking the Silence: Professionals of Hera Speak Out About Lesbian Battering, Janelle Thompson, Lafayette College

Submissions from 2008

Growing Up Gay in a “Tolerant” Society, John Frank, University of Richmond

Sex Education in Amsterdam: What They Do and Why They Choose to Do It., Coral E. Hackler, Fort Lewis College

The Legacies and Potentials of Feminism in Art de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam: A Case Study, Tatyana Neplioueva, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Submissions from 2007

Effects of Standardization on Cultural Identity and Community Involvement: Transgender Clients at the Vrije Universiteit Gender Clinic, Benjamin Davis, CUNY Hunter College

The Effects of Space on Sex Worker Experience: A Study of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Hannah Koski, Vassar College

Unholy Union: The Convergence of Agendas Between the Gay Community and the Political Right-Wing in the Netherlands, Michael Wayne Perry, Wake Forest University

AIDS Optimism and Condom Usage Among Men who Have Sex With Men in Australia, The Netherlands and United States., Tan Pham, University of Connecticut

Submissions from 2006

Nieuwe Moslima’s: Gender Discourse, Identity, and Conversion in the Netherlands, Jenna Henderson, Yale University

Individual Responsibility Concerning HIV Transmission Among MSM: A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of NGO Intervention Policies and Their Practical Applications Within the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands, Martha Kienbaum, Smith College

Reproducing Social Identities: Employer-Employee Relationships Within Paid Domestic Labor in the Netherlands, Melissa MacDonald, Smith College

Ethnic and Gender Identity in Hip-Hop Among Three Female Emcees in the Netherlands, Shoshana Walter, Mount Holyoke College

Submissions from 2005

Finding a Sexual Dialogue with Children: A Dutch Model, Cassandra Baxter, Wheaton College

“Apparently, I am a Pedophile:” Living and Coping as a Child-Lover in the Netherlands, Andrew Extein, Pomona College

Lost Cause? A Post-Gay Examination of the Politics of Homosexuality, Islam and Difference in the Netherlands, Matthew Kane, Vassar College