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Submissions from 2015

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education for Boys in Kapchorwa, Uganda, Meredith Colleary, Bates College

The Cognitive Effects of Chronic Malnutrition and Environment on Working Memory and Executive Function in Children, Kristiana E. Morgan, Emory University

The Industrial Impact on Wetlands in Jinja and the Nexus of Industry, Wetlands, and Community (A Rights-Based Sustainable Development Approach), Ranger Ruffins, University of North Carolina

Submissions from 2014

A Crude Awakening: The Relationship Between Petroleum Exploration and Environmental Conservation in Western Uganda, Kristina Ericson, Global College of Long Island University

Grappling with Gatekeepers: Addressing Gender Hindrances to mHealth, Jack O’Rourke, Fordham University

Powering Rural Transformation: Solar PV in Rural Uganda., Matt Piggins Piggins, DePauw University

Informal Transportation in Uganda: A Case Study of the Boda Boda, Bradley Raynor, Kenyon College

Window to The Unbanked: The Potential of Mobile Money as a Means of Saving in Uganda, Allison Ryder, Loyola University Chicago

From Desire to Development? How Advertising Affects Sociocultural Evolution in Kampala, Uganda, Emily Saxe, Kenyon College

Agency of the South Sudanese: Compensating for Health Care in Mungula Refugee Settlement, Lauren Schmidt, Colorado College

Submissions from 2013

Uganda’s Cotton and Textile Sectors: Current Production Challenges, Motivations and Effects on Development, Daniel Geiser Chell, California Lutheran University

Transitional Justice and its Role in Development in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda, Jessica Chirichetti, George Washington University

Balancing Conservation and Development: A Case Study of Economic Efficiency in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Louisa Dunwiddie and R.Turner Shaw, Claremont Mckenna College / George Washington University

A Case Study of Rural Finance Self-Help Groups in Uganda and Their Impact on Poverty Alleviation and Development, Rebecca Flynn, University of Notre Dame

Examining the Effectiveness of the Millennium Villages Project Through the Health and Education Sectors: A Case Study in Ruhiira, Uganda, Meixi Guo, Vanderbilt University

"Let It Come From the People”: Exploring Decentralization, Participatory Processes, and Community Empowerment in Western, Rural Uganda, Rachel Harmon, Cornell University

Poaching as a threat to biodiversity and a barrier to sustainable development in Western Uganda: A Case Study of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Kibale National Park, and Surrounding Areas, Madeleine Torraca Jones, University of Denver

Religion, Rehabilitation and Political Participation of Sex Workers in Kampala, Rachael Krishnan, University of Notre Dame

Economic Empowerment and Gender-Based Violence: A Practicum Study of Action Against Hunger in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda, Laura Simmons-Stern, Connecticut College

A Comparison of Malnutrition Causes and Treatments: A Case of Mwanamugimu Nutrition Unit, Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kampala District and Nakifuma Government Health Unit, Mukono District, Berkley Singer, Trinity College

Gender Disparities in Access to HIV Testing and Antiretroviral Treatment Services, Wyatt Lombard Smith, University of Notre Dame

Submissions from 2012

Filling the Gap: An Examination of HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention at Uganda Cares Masaka, Andrew Robert McAsey, University of Notre Dame

Conflict Situation for Health Care Workers: A Case Study of the Occupational Challenges in Kasangati Health Centre IV and Their Implications for Patient Care., Shannon McDowell, University of Notre Dame

Submissions from 2011

Rural Futures: How Can Agricultural Development Lead to a High Quality of Life?, Jessie Ebersole, Middlebury College

The Use and Misuse of Wetlands in Kampala, Emily Gumm, Illinois Wesleyan University

Submissions from 2009

Critical Mass Representation in Uganda, Daisy-Cynthia Nneamaka Adi, Emory University

Marriage in Conflict: Formerly Abducted Women’s Struggles with Marriage Upon Return, Julie Bailey, George Washington University

Power to the People: Rural Electrification in Uganda, Zachary Ezor, Colby College

Dwog Paco: Tackling the Challenges of Reintegrating Ex-LRA in Kitgum District, Takako Mino, Claremont McKenna College

The Heart of Forgiveness, in Light of Unforgettable Hurt: A Multi-Faceted Perspective on Reconciliation in Northern Uganda, Barbara Vi Thien Ho, University of Notre Dame

Submissions from 2008

‘THE CORE RESOURCE’ The Role of Informal Caretakers of the Mentally Ill as Seen in Uganda, Dana Carroll, Northwestern University

“Left in the Forest and Forgotten” Land Policy and the Plight of the Benet, Anne Dirkse, St. John's College

The Blame Game: Water and Sanitation in Kampala’s Urban Slums, Noelle A. Fogg, Wellesley College

Educating the Forgotten: Non-Formal Education in Urban Kampala, Eleanor Huntington, University of Notre Dame

Health as a Basic Human Right: Efficacy of Quality Assurance for Healthcare in Uganda, Ally Pregulman, George Washington University

HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care in a Long-Term Conflict Setting: Observations From The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in the Teso Region, Emma Smith, Yale University

Submissions from 2007

Implementing Uganda’s National Wetlands Policy: A Case Study of Kabale District, Sophie Glass, Colorado College

Permission to Change: The Role of Culture and Cultural Tourism in Development, Heather Houser, Rhodes College

“Share the Wealth” A Critical Analysis of Private Sector Development in Uganda’s Rural and Urban Settings, Michael Roscitt, University of Notre Dame