Copyright permissions have been obtained by all contributors to this collection.

Submissions from 2014

The Security of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda: Assessing the Physical Security Implications of Ethnic Conflict-Induced Displacement, Alex Pommier , Georgetown University

Refugee Self-Reliance in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda, Erik Svedberg , George Washington University

Submissions from 2013

Effective and Sustainable Programs of Change: A Case Study of Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G), Kristen Hochreiter , University of Pittsburgh

Livelihood Security Among Refugees in Uganda: Opportunities, Obstacles, and Physical Security Implications, Karen J. Norris , Gettysburg College

Lara Ngom ii Acoli: Identifying Root Causes and the Impact of Cultural Cataclysm on Land Conflict Resolution in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda, Lanyero Madison Stevens , Franklin College Switzerland

Challenges Affecting Street Children in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda: Case of Gulu Municipality, Annie Weber , Gettysburg College

Submissions from 2012

Water and Sanitation: A Study of Deserted IDP Camps in Lapul Sub-county, Patrick Dunlap , St. Edward's University

Submissions from 2011

Acholi Clan, Ethnic, and National Identities in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda: A Case Study in Koch Goma Sub-County, Nwoya District, David L. Davenport , University of Richmond

The Different Perceptions of Breast Cancer in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda, Karen Im , Emory University

Bills, Bribery and Brutality: How Rampant Corruption in the Electoral System Has Helped Prevent Democracy in Uganda, Sam Tabachnik , Tulane University

Submissions from 2010

Faith & Reconciliation: A Study of Christian Forgiveness in Post-Genocide Rwanda, Brynn Muir , Augustana College

Justice Sector Reform in Rwanda: A Space of Contention or Consensus?, Maria Sebastian , University of Richmond

Submissions from 2009

Ugandan by Birth, Proud by Circumstance: A Look at Pride and Patriotism in Northern Uganda, Hannah Detig , Illinois Wesleyan University

Teaching Peace: An Exploration in Youth Peace Building Through Peace Education Programs in Gulu Municipality, Northern Uganda, Julia Firestone , Hampshire College

Alienation in Acholiland: War, Privatization, and Land Displacement in Northern Uganda, Nicole Kligerman , Macalester College