Publication Date

Spring 1998


This study is an analytical look at the Bomborisi paintings of the Upper East Region of Ghana in particular study villages including and particularly focused in Sirigu. This study analyzes Bomborisi in terms of an approach towards the definition of art. in relationship to the aesthetic, social, and economic context in which Bomborisi exists, as well as the dynamic qualities of this art form in the modern setting. Bomborisi, and any art form, is a reflection of the culture from which it emerges and in which it exists a traditional art form, Bomborisi reflects culture in timeless, limitless ways. This paper is intended for an audience beyond the cultural context of Bomborisi. a Western. academic audience, in an attempt to draw something of this world into my own. Whether it leads to inspiration. awareness of other people, places, and cultures. Or perhaps something to help us to understand our own selves in our own culture, is left to the reader.