Publication Date

Spring 1998


This project is focused on the traditional songs of Moscmagor, a village at the Eastern entrance to Kakum National Park. I was interested in learning to sing the songs, the meanings of the songs, as well as their histories and origins. I was also very interested in the singing techniques that are used, and how the singing of the songs is naturally effected by the fact that they have been learned within this oral culture. The fact that these songs are rarely written down gave me the idea of attempting to do so, using the Western process of notation. This gave rise to several interesting implications concerning rhythm and melody, as I will discuss later. The result of all of this is a sort of songbook, with the songs written in notation, along with their lyrics, etc. I have also chosen to discuss the structure and the function of the songs within Mosomagor, and within the realm of West Africa, specifically Ghana.


African Languages and Societies | Arts and Humanities