Tina M. Andrews

Publication Date

Spring 2003


Malaria is one of the leading illnesses and causes of death in Ghana and many West African countries. This virus, though curable, has proven itself to be detrimental to many. Everyday precautions and curative measures, such as insect repellants, mosquito coils, mosquito netting, daily or weekly anti-malarial drugs and the like are used to increase comfort and most importantly sustain life. This particular study was not only comprised to demonstrate the various treatments and cures available, but dares to look at the options of people that may or may not have the resources to obtain the aforementioned preventive measures. I will attempt to "role play" and put myself in a land that is far away from modern medical facilities, imagine being treated by persons that uses a different language from my own, and live in a socio-economic bracket that dictates what I am able to provide for myself. With these factors (and many others) in mind, my ultimate goal is to understand how various people feel and think about the use of traditional and modern medicine in curing malaria and other ailments. Perspective is the driving resource of this study. So, please follow along with me as I continually change the "lens" in which we view herbal medicines from the facilities that support herbal remedies.