Publication Date

Spring 1999


This Independent Study Project will focus on children throughout Ghana. It will be compiled by using notes, observations, journal entries, lecturers, and conversations of the author. I wish to pinpoint the everyday life and activities of a child in Ghana, oftentimes more specifically in Cape Coast in Komenda. This paper will be divided into three chapters. The first chapter will give a general outlook of children's past times as observed and interpreted by myself, such as favourite sports, activities, and games. The second chapter will consist of aspects of home stay life and what was observed during my stay, mainly through the three children in the household. The third chapter will show actual pictures and drawings that will be interpreted and explained. This will be helpful in understanding children's past times to a greater length, and allowing the reader to get a firm grasp on children's past times in various locations in Ghana. My conclusion will be based on personal thoughts about what I observed in Ghana, and suggestions that I believe would be beneficial for further studies and for the children that are directly involved.