Kyla Saphir

Publication Date

Spring 2001


I wanted to investigate how history is taught in the Ghanaian education systems at various levels and specifically in Cape Coast schools. I believe that history teaches people who they are and where they come from and thus equips them to learn from their past and prosper due to the analysis of the accomplishments and faults of their ancestors. I was curious to see how and what Ghanaians are taught about their past since their Western style education system has been structured after the British education system. I also wanted to find out how much is taught about the African Diaspora in the lower and upper levels of education. History is not a separate subject until senior secondary school (SSS) so that was the level at which I focused on most. I wanted to discover all the aspects of teaching history in Ghana by looking at the curriculum, teaching strategies, the syllabus, and textbooks to see if History is a subject relating to Ghanaian students live and futures.