Kalyani Thampi

Publication Date

Spring 2003


In this paper, I will be analyzing various component of the fishing industry in coastal Ghana in order to understand how its infrastructure operates within social and economic spheres in Ghanaian society. Truly fleshing out the rich layers of such a vast industry demands that we examine not only the global implication of its presence but the intricate network of members who are involved in maintaining it. Indeed, the fishing industry involves a delicate symbiosis between the various component that comprise its network. Accordingly, I tried to explicate the multiple roles within the industry from the ministry (region), to the financial institution, to the processor, to the fish mongers, and finally, to the fishermen themselves. Furthermore, by tracing the industry from land to sea, from a national level to a local level (i.e Komenda and Elmina), from the external to the internal allowed me to examine not only how these roles fit together and rely upon each other, but how the performance of these roles are potentially antagonistic. This particular interpretation of the industry requires a disclaimer because I acknowledge the thin line between laying blame and exposing the weakness and strengths of different component of the industry. Finally, I will expound upon how the formal and informal institution might be able to improve upon already existing programs and projects.