Keon Knutson

Publication Date

Fall 2001


The topic concerns evaluating the effectiveness of a decentralized administration in matters of physical development, using the Wa District Assembly in the Upper West Region, Ghana, as its case study. The paper attempts to do this my examining 5 sets of District implemented projects, and determine their overall level of success, which is defined in terms of both the project's efficiency and the degree to which it responds to the real needs of its benefactors. The paper then isolates three District activities whose functions directly contributes to the success of development projects, and uses the data drawn from the project histories to evaluate the District's level of effectiveness in performing these activities. From the analysis, the write attempts to illustrate the effectiveness of the District in matters of development, so long as the actual activity of the District is decentralized to a large enough degree, and this is reflected in his recommendations for further decentralization.