Amanda Bruscino

Publication Date

Spring 2001


After talking to children, parents, people in organizations as well as in government, I have gathered many different views on what I will temporarily, for lack of a better phrase, label as child labour. Parents frustrated me with their inability to see that the work their kids were doing was too much, and saddened me with their acknowledgement that they don't want to make them work, but they have to. Government and organisational official made me admire them for their genuine dedication to the idea of change, but made me skeptical with their inconsistent ability to actually effect that change. Unlike most issue I've explored in the past, I can't these differences opposing views. Granted, every argument has two sides. But I feel that in this case, I've found too much that is right in each to call one right and one wrong. Having said that, I think it is only fair for me to introduce this paper as a forum for differing perspectives, both in defining and tolerating child labor.