A Study of Student Motivations to Study Abroad in Non-Traditional Locations


This study examines why students at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) chose their location of study abroad. In order to identify these factors, a survey was administered to students who studied abroad since the year 2000. The survey was sent to 798 students and resulted in nearly a twenty percent (157 students) response rate. The questionnaire addressed the following themes: Academic, personal, social, and career motivations in choosing destination for study abroad. A number of questions were also asked to ascertain where students receive information regarding study abroad and what influence these factors have on choice.

Based on the findings, a number of recommendations have been made for better understanding of student motivations. These recommendations include: using fellow students more proactively to provide information on study abroad, urging faculty members and other administrators to be proactive in promoting study abroad, and encouraging career service centers to play a greater role in helping students choose their destination. Recommendations for further research are included as well.


International and Comparative Education

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