The Small Business Preparatory Course is designed for those adult learners whose level of literacy does not qualify them for entrance to other institutions. They are Xhosa speaking learners whose interest is to start their own small businesses. These learners will be at the end of level 3 of their learning which can also be regarded as their first level of post literacy. At this stage learners know how to read and write in mother tongue and English. They have been through numeracy classes.

The course came as a result of a co-operation and consultation between the Institute for the Study of English in Africa (ISEA) - Adult Literacy Unit (ALU) and the local Small Business Development Cooperation (SBDC). The 40-60% failure rate of SBDC'ss Introduction to Small Business Practice 1 triggered the development of this course.

ISEA-ULU understands literacy as not just the process of learning the skills of reading and writing and numeracy, but a contribution to the liberation of people and their full development, hence economic literacy training. In response to these needs the Adult Literacy United has developed a small business course for adult learners. The course will be facilitated by adult literacy facilitators who have been trained both in the field of adult education and small business development.

The use of groups in every adult education class is important to encourage collective thinking. This has to be motivated at the beginning of every class hence the hints on group work are given to facilitators.

This course takes very seriously the aims and aspirations of each individual and has as its objectives, the development of people to obtain independence, self esteem, courage, initiative, and positive attitude toward small business development. The teaching strategy has been designed to promote these qualities. The adult basic education golden rule is applied in each session, that is, each task is motivated, demonstrated, verified and re-enforced (M.D.V.R.) prior to its delivery.


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