The paper was written with a focus on recruiting students from abroad. The author started the paper in a broad format by looking at all international students coming to the United States but concentrated the research question on students from Latin America that come to Florida institutions. The focus on such a small population was because of the proximity to Florida and the convenience of doing research in a state where access to the focus group was convenient. But the focus also looks at a student population that is not targeted by institutions in the state of Florida. The author’s methodology was mainly phenomenology which looks at the experience face in coming to the United States. The focus was also on what drives these students to come here and also what kind of barriers they face in the process. The author wanted to see if there is a certain pattern in these terms and if they do have certain criteria they use to enroll in these institutions. The author focused on a second group, whom are the recruiters of these institutions. The goal of this focus group was to see what the drivers and barriers the recruiters face in trying to recruit the same group of students. The ultimate goal of this research is for institutions to realize the importance of recruiting students from this region of the world given the global context of the current political situation.