First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


This paper will present the main competencies that I believe managers should have in the twenty first century in order to be successful.

The theoretical framework used for this secondary research came from current management theories and models; and from the Internet. In addition to this information, I used academic sources from SIT; my practical experience obtained during my internship at Revlon and from my current job as a commercial manager for Latin America as guidelines.

The above information is summarized in six competencies which are: Commit fully to the job, be part of the information age, add value, accept ambiguity and uncertainty, be positive, and practice continuous improvement. They are presented using the analogy of the chess game, which compare them with the chess pieces.

The competencies are essential if one wants to be successful as an executive. From them we can conclude that the real importance of these competencies is how the executive combines them.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations