First Advisor

Sandra Basgall


The paper examines race relations and investigates tensions between Cambodian-American and other ethnic groups living in Long Beach, California. Furthermore, the study is intended to assist the reader to better understand the complexity and sensitivity of ethnic relations.

The study uses Thomas and Znaniecki (1977), Bourdieu (1984), and Bottomley's (1992) model to gather a comprehensive body of data. The data includes literature research, observation, and twenty individual interviews.

The research indicates that discrimination against Asian Americans is not new in the United States. Due to differences in culture, values, beliefs, skin color, linguistic skills, and the need to blame powerless victims during crisis, Asian Americans have often been accused of being many things including criminals, spies, etc.

As a nation of immigrants, America's success depends on citizens of all ethnicities accepting and respecting one another's differences. To fully appreciate our diversity and effectively manage our nation, decision-makers must be comprised of people of various ethnic backgrounds and social classes. America's success depends on race relations.


International and Intercultural Communication