First Advisor

Claire Halverson


This is an in-depth investigation of current fundraising issues for nonprofits of color. The aim is to explore why nonprofit organizations of color (those nonprofits that are headed by a person of color and serve a specific minority group) are not getting as many philanthropic dollars as their mainstream--white--counterparts. Strategies that may redress this imbalance are also examined.

The research methodology is based on a combination of literature search, surveys, and interviews that involved both fundraisers and foundations.

My primary goal was to understand what issues are central to the financial viability of nonprofits of color. To do this, I had to illustrate the current situation regarding philanthropy and nonprofits, the challenges minority-governed nonprofits face; and compile a list of strategies based on the suggestions of funders, fundraisers, and relevant fundraising manuals.

The individuals or groups that could benefit from this work are people who work for small nonprofits, nonprofits of color, or those individuals who have an interest in fundraising and/or foundation work.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies