First Advisor

Darcy Ashman


This paper examines the barriers Latinas experience in the U.S. Corporate sector. The key issue is how race and gender have been barriers to promotion and/or success in the corporate business world. Five Latina women in managerial positions were interviewed in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, to give first-hand information of their experience and to share the ways in which they have successfully responded to these barriers and others. A questionnaire was used in the structured interviews to find out what were the main barriers and how they respond to those barriers. The interviewees also recommended changes at the personal, societal and organizational level that would facilitate Latinas' success. Aspects of the Latino culture were analyzed in order to determine which parts of the culture hinder Latinas' success. The findings and learnings of this thesis are most helpful to young Latina women in universities and colleges who are looking to work in the corporate sector and to Latina professionals in the workplace. Managers of corporations can greatly benefit from the recommendations made in this paper as they continue to learn about the institutional and social barriers that limit the full contributions of Latinas. This thesis offers valuable information for those companies who are diversifying their workplace and who want organizational change.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | International and Intercultural Communication