First Advisor

Charlie Curry-Smithson


The study explores one of many dimensions of spirituality, namely "consciousness" as a guide to understanding the nature of its impact, the strengths and weaknesses in performing services in faith-based non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Mexico City. The study is based on a research among a group of Mexican and international volunteers, and staff who engage their work in social action in Mexico City. The research methodology primarily employs semi-structured interviews, observation and previous written materials on the organizations. Spirituality is defined as a state of being where mind and soul are interconnected creating consciousness of oneself, causing one to search for the inner meaning of one's purpose in life, often giving fullness to life. This aspect of spirituality impacts volunteer services in the faith-based organizations. However, in order to incorporate spirituality into a service project, one must seriously consider a strategic organization and planning of tapping individual's consciousness into a project. Spirituality is one of the factors which enhances the quality of service in an organization. The findings and conclusion of this study is useful for service organizations or social activists who strive to organize conscious efforts of individuals into an organized social action to promote social change.


Philosophy of Mind | Sociology of Culture