First Year International Experience for Business Students

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Richard Rodman


The First Year International Experience (FYIE) is one program that Susquehanna University could consider as part of its internationalization strategy. This proposed FYIE for business students is designed for the Sigmund Weis School of Business (the Weis School), one of the University’s three schools. This FYIE is positioned as the Weis School’s strategic response to help students work toward satisfying the new university-wide mandate -- that every student have a cross-cultural experience.

The FYIE is a required, one week, faculty led study abroad program for all first year students who intend to pursue a business major. It is designed to complement the existing four credit hour “Global Business Perspectives” course. A pilot program taking the students to a French speaking region in Canada is scheduled after the students complete the course and at the end of their first academic year in May 2010.

The FYIE design takes into consideration several theories, current best practices in the field of international education, and guiding principles of design from recognized professional organizations in the field of international education. Based on Kubow and Fossum’s view that globalization should be considered not as a paradigm but as a paradox, the over arching goal of the proposal is to deliver a quality program that aims toward fostering transformative learning. The proposed design incorporates into the curricular activities some lessons learned from non-western philosophy and approaches.


International and Comparative Education

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