Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard


This product is a five-page brochure in Japanese for high school students and postgraduates who are not in college and college students. This is for the use of Japanese Student Services (JSS) salespersons whom I describe in the Needs Assessment.

This product's main objective is to provide the minimum knowledge about studying abroad briefly and accurately to clients. The objective is also to help salespersons explain the product to clients easily. Since JSS needs to avoid lawsuits arising from misunderstandings and incorrect information, this brochure avoids vague expressions and ornate words. Also, teen-agers can read it easily if they know fundamental Chinese characters. JSS shortened the brochure to five pages because of clients' limited reading ability. (It is certain that teen-agers read less than they did ten or twenty years ago.) It is also desirable to be concise for the convenience of salespersons. A long thick brochure is not useful for quickly finding information to point out to clients.

This product is the second edition. JSS expects to improve content and paper quality with successive editions.


International and Comparative Education