Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Charles Crowell


This paper serves as an analysis and evaluation of an indigenous Ghanaian rural development organization called Ghana Rural Reconstruction Movement (GhRRM). I worked as a resource development consultant for a period of six months. During that time I found that what the executive director felt as their major problem (primarily a lack of funds) was merely one of GhRRM's many symptoms of a greater problem. This problem is lack of strategic planning.

I collected my data for analysis by researching highly successful development organizations, through reading books from experts in the field, through observing staff members in their daily work, through casual conversation and formal interviews, and through generating conversation during weekly group meetings and a training on project planning.

I conclude that GhRRM collectively develops a strategic plan. Through collaborating and creating a long-term plan for assisting the communities, the GhRRM staff will realize the need for participatory management as well as participatory approaches to working with the communities. They will also act upon the need to generate their own income and will find ways to acquire and retain qualified and motivated staff. As a result, GhRRM will be far more effective in assisting the rural communities in their own choices for development.

The practical relevance of this paper will be revealed when the staff members of GhRRM read it and see their own ideas and concerns synthesized into a cohesive analysis of their present situation. If this paper causes them to heed my suggestions and advice, or even if it causes them to reject it and find an alternative way to improve the effectiveness of GhRMM, my words will have served a practical purpose.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations