Biracial Identity: The Multicultural Experiences of Euro-Bangladeshi Adults

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Marla Solomon


This study is an investigation into the racial identity of Euro-Bangladeshis who in this case are defined as those people with one Bangladeshi parent and one white European parent. The study aims to clarify how a biracial or multiracial identity is expressed. It examines the features of such an identity and teh factors that influence choice of racial identity. Phenomenological interviews were used to collect biographical data from four people based in Bangladesh. The investigation concludes that lack of appropriate terminology and conceptions of biracial experience makes it difficult for biracial people to express their identity to their satisfaction. It shows that biracial identities are complex, defined by a number of distinctive features and are often more than just a simple combination of parental identities. The work also confirms that racial identity is influenced by a number of factors including physical appearance, experience of racism, gender, class, language, sense of home and cultural exposure.


Race and Ethnicity | Sociology of Culture

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