Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Dunham Rowley

Second Advisor

Claire Halverson


Three indigenous Armenian NGOs are examined for the nature and quantity of their human, financial and physical resources to determine what this says about their maturity. Data was gathered through interviews with representatives of the subject NGOs, site visits to their offices, interviews with representatives of international organizations who have worked with the subject NGOs, and examination of key documents of the subject NGOs and of the international organizations.

A qualitative analysis was performed on the data through content analysis of interview transcripts and the use of an evaluation framework adapted from several management assessment tools designed for use with NGOs. The framework provides a map with which to assess the subject NGOs in terms of their maturity. The three NGOs were shown to have varying levels of maturity, with various strengths and weaknesses within each organization in terms of the development of their human, financial and physical resources.

The author concludes that the three subject NGOs are in the process of maturing but are not fully mature. They have reasonably well-developed human resources and have made preliminary attempts at acquiring financial resources. However, they must further develop their human resources, initiate financial planning and fundraising with the objective of first adding to and then diversifying their financial resource base, and strengthen their contacts with international organizations, which can assist both with human resource development and financing.

This report is intended for the use of indigenous NGOs in Armenia who can benefit directly from the conclusions and recommendations made concerning the subject NGOs. It is also intended for the use of international donors and development NGOs who are involved in capacity building projects for indigenous NGOs in Armenia.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Human Resources Management