Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


The relationship between perspective, emotion and subjective experience has long been of interest to me. I remember as a young child having to put away the card games when certain children came over to play, because, I was told, they believed playing cards was wrong. I could not understand how playing "Old Maid" could possibly be bad. I inquired further and was told that there was no rule against playing "Old Maid" per se, but some people's religious beliefs did not allow them to play. It was a great illumination to me that in the absence of a rule, the way people felt about something determined right and wrong. This idea intrigued me and I became a sort of observer of people, paying particular attention to what people would and would not do and why. This kept me busy, as I grew up in a multicultural neighborhood and was able to observe people from a variety of cultures, races, religions and families. It was this interest that drew me into foreign travel and the study of different cultures and it was ultimately this interest that motivated me to attend the School for International Training (SIT).


Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology of Culture