Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


This thesis researched the feasibility of developing community based ecotourism in the Garifuna Communities of Cabo Camaron, Honduras. Community development via tourism has often led to cultural and natural resource destruction through unmanaged consumption and abuse of the original natural attraction. Ecotourism, on the other hand, can manage these same resources and attractions for their long term sustainability and promote development of the local economy by creating new skills and using local products. Ecotourism that is built upon community member participation, that depends upon community member ownership, management and evaluation can be a more locally sensitive and successful development strategy. Case study reviews revealed that both tourism and ecotourism can erode the natural values they set out to promote. However, there are several development models which may offer the Garifuna a means to avoid the erosion process. The field research clearly illustrated that the Garifuna fear a loss of their culture, negative impacts on their youth, and a change in their life style.


Natural Resources and Conservation | Sociology of Culture