Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Sora Friedman


Red Gate Gallery provides residency opportunities for international artists to live, create work, and engage in Beijing’s arts community. Though Red Gate Gallery has been offering residency experiences to artists from around the globe for many years now, they have yet to formalize programming. This capstone is a formalization of Red Gate Gallery’s International Artist Residency Program. The unique participant group involved and a desire to incorporate opportunities for learning for the program, program staff, and participants informed the structure and content of this program. The additions and changes included in this program proposal, if utilized, will better ensure that Red Gate’s programming provides an educational experience for participants and meets artist mobility program standards.

As an International Education Design and Delivery Course Linked Capstone, this capstone applies best practices of international education and design and development components of international education programming to the international artist residency context in the form of a complete program proposal for Red Gate Gallery’s International Artist Residency Program in Beijing, China. Within this capstone, theoretical foundations of adult learning and informal education are explored and applied to the artist-in-residence experience. Artist residency programming and best practices within the field of artist mobility were researched and considered in the design process.


International and Comparative Education


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