An analysis of Lowell Middle School in Oakland California was undertaken. Data was obtained from eight students and six staff members at the school. An open ended questionnaire was used as the data collection instrument. The questionnaire asked students whether they have been victims of violence, how they feel about the existing violence at school, what types of things would they like to see happen to reduce it, and how they feel about school staff and authorities. The questionnaire asked the staff what they thought was the source of violence at Lowell, what influences in school promote or hinder the peace process and what they think are effective strategies given the current programs in place to reduce violence. Extensive literature is provided, which reviews causes of school violence, results of school violence and strategies for prevention. From data analyzed, Lowell Middle School experiences violence stemming from particularly the community at large, child development and interpersonal behaviour, and from the family and home life. As a result of analyzed findings, recommendations and strategies for reducing violence were made.