Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Richard Rodman


Semester at Sea is a unique program in the field of study abroad that provides voyagers the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe while taking classes and participating in field excursions in the ports-of-call. Currently the Semester at Sea Field Office sends participants on International Field Programs in every country with a variety of themes from service learning to adventure travel. The current available field practica provide many opportunities for experiential learning but little reflection upon returning to the ship. The Semester at Sea (SAS) Foodies is a semester-long extracurricular group that discusses, shares, and reflects on food/culture connections. Voyagers experience three new and unique field practica, in Spain, Viet Nam, and Japan, specifically designed for this program to enhance the learning that takes place on Semester at Sea field programs. The following SAS Foodies project proposal provides a unique and creative way for participants with similar interests to experience their voyage through the exploration of food and culture via active experimentation and reflection. The program examines connections between food and culture through a social lens helping participants to understand how food is used socially to strengthen and define cultural norms and values. Many SAS voyagers will naturally experience culture through food and dining based on their choices to eat off the ship, but few will further investigate the significance of food/culture connections take time to process and reflect on their experiences. This program is based on the values of experiential learning and on the incorporation of reflection, both individual and as a group, on in-country experiences. The study of foodways, or food in a social and cultural setting, is an increasingly popular channel through which tourists and academics alike are able to increase their knowledge and awareness while travelling, and is an important addition to overall SAS programming.


Curriculum and Instruction | International and Comparative Education