Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Kanthie Athukorala


This paper seeks to identify key motivation factors of volunteer leaders who are involved in community activities. Research methods include semi-structured interviews of a group comprised of 15 people and questionnaire that used to gather data from a group comprised of 5 people. In order to identify interviewees, I worked with Sarvodaya village leaders, youth centers, other NGOs, welfare associations and organizations. Village leaders from the Thalpitiya village and in Kalutara District in southern Sri Lanka were interviewed to find out who the volunteer leaders are, what leadership roles are required, what qualities the volunteer leaders should have, what responsibilities leaders have to take on, and what actions have to be taken in order to develop and motivate volunteer leaders. In the data analysis and the discussion, results and the literature view are used to compare and contrast various leadership and motivation to pinpoint some of key motivation factors of volunteer leaders involved in these community activities. Based on primary data gathered and the theories reviewed, this paper will provide guidelines for the enhancement of necessary skills and knowledge and to build positive attitudes among volunteer leaders. Ultimately, this project seeks to identify the means to create opportunities through which voluntary village leaders can build and demonstrate the competencies required by the modern community development environment. Findings of this research will be useful not only to Sarvodaya people’s movement but also non governmental development organizations, and the governments seeking ways to motivate and engage volunteer leaders participating in their communities’ development for more sustainable, successful project results. In the course of this inquiry, areas requiring further research in the area of community development through leadership were revealed and are outlined in this paper.


Civic and Community Engagement


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