Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Jeff Unsicker


Despite serious allegations of human rights abuses at the hands of U.S.-based private military contractors during the war in and occupation of Iraq, no effective system of oversight and accountability has been established over this industry. Meanwhile, the private military and security industry is expanding in unprecedented ways in regions of conflict throughout the world. For the past five years, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has been attempting to establish accountability over contractors for human rights abuses as co-counsel on a series of civil lawsuits against private military contractors. As CCR’s International Human Rights Education and Outreach Associate, I am responsible for developing a new advocacy project around this issue. This capstone paper examines the advocacy context and policy issue, discusses a strategy memo I developed to plan the project and offers an evaluation as well as lessons learned from this work.


Military, War, and Peace | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Politics and Social Change