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MA in Sustainable Development


The following study was conducted in the community of Villa Garcia, Zacatecas, a village of 8,000 inhabitants, located in Central Mexico. The study explores the ways in which the non-profit organization, Weavers of Hope (WOH) has both promoted and hindered sustainable development through its educational, conditional, cash transfer program operated in the village. The research presents the program, its successes and failures not through the eyes of the direct beneficiaries, but rather based on the experiences of those closest to the recipients: their parents and educators. The study most specifically examines the lack of parental participation and experience within the recipients’ formal education and its impacts. Through the collection of oral testimonies from parents of recipients and local educators the study found that the program and programs like it must focus more energy on preserving cultural and familial ties that can otherwise be compromised by the introduction of formal education through cash transfer programs.


Growth and Development | Other Economics


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