Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Charles Curry-Smithson


Emigration is an adaptive strategy that people use in adjusting to external conditions in their environment. The history of immigration is long and continuous. The host country not only brings in the people from out side but also brings in the values, beliefs, traditions, attitudes, perceptions and behavior that are their culture and their identity. This study focuses on the perception of Nepali immigrants on adaptation into the multicultural society in USA. The differences in perception in between the host country and immigrants from Nepal, and refugee and non refugee from Nepal are discussed. Some of the hindering and contributing factors are discussed under the “perception of Nepali Immigrants”. In support of the differences in perception, I’ve attached in the appendix opinions from the Laotian and Latino Community leaders.

The methodology applied in this study was a qualitative approach, Participant observation, Focus group discussion; Interactive meetings and Individual interviews were used as the key means of data collection. The research questions are emphasized perception, adaptation, hindering and contributing factors, and attitudinal differences in between refugee and non refugee immigrants.

The findings have shown great differences between the host country culture, and immigrants’ culture, perception and attitudinal differences between refugee and non refugee immigrants which, is very important to know and address accordingly to resolve the problems related to immigration, cultural shock, social violation, and discrimination.

My major findings, discussions, recommendations and conclusions will support the clarification of the research questions, and be used as tools for the concerned department, organization, and activists for the purpose of bringing changes as desired in the society. It can be used as a referral by who are interested in knowing more about the cultural, multicultural, intercultural, and adaptation process.


Other International and Area Studies | Social Psychology and Interaction