A Description of Strategic Performance Measurement in a Citizen Service Organization

Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Annie Viets


The practice of strategic management for non-profit organizations is increasing in importance as the non-profit sector increases in complexity and stratification. It demands of non-profits the discipline to identify what the structure of the industry is, what the assets are, and who the customers are. This paper describes both strategic management approaches and then specifically focused strategic planning exercises in the non-profit context. It explores scorecards as tools to understand organizational performance and then examines the application of a scorecard methodology and draws conclusions accordingly. Through research, interviews, and direct involvement in scorecard implementation the researcher gained first-hand experience authoring, working with, and evolving this strategic management tool to understand organizational performance. Its effectiveness was found to be directly related to the willingness of its implementers to shape it in response to an evolving and unique non-profit environment rather than apply it in a “cookie cutter” fashion in all situations.


Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Organizational Behavior and Theory

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