Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

Paula Green


This paper is a case-study of the Kids4Peace (K4P) interfaith children’s organization in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine. The goal of the paper is to evaluate the current peace-building methodologies of K4P. The research from the past year focused on the tools and methods used during the K4P bi-monthly meetings in Jerusalem. In light of the discoveries, some suggestions will be made in regards to peace-building strategies and curriculum which will be useful for K4p. Until now there has not been a professional examination or evaluation of this program that has been running for over ten years. The paper examines the following themes in: • The connection between the contact hypothesis and the K4P educational model. • Examines unique model of children’s interfaith dialogue. The paper takes an indepth look at the advantages and disadvantages of interfaith dialogue in context to the region (Middle East) and the target population (children). • The target population: Is K4P a grassroots organization? • The key issue of language in K4P. • The role of parents in the program. Does there need to be a parents’ program? • The importance of continuing the program after the initial ten months.


Peace and Conflict Studies


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