Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


Intercultural Communication (ICC) in Action is a new course designed for the SIT International Education Low-Residency (IELR) degree program. ICC in Action is an online course, designed for expatriate students living abroad, as well as for sojourners who spend a significant amount of time in a culture other than their own. The course expands the current options for fulfilling the SIT ICC course requirement, offering the unique opportunity for these students to draw on their day-to-day experiences in exploring concepts of ICC. It encourages students to develop awareness and understanding of their cultural background, as well as of their host culture, and explore the interactions between the two. ICC in Action is based on theories of Experiential Learning and Andragogy, drawing heavily on the theories of Kolb and Knowles. The curriculum is designed to incorporate best practices in online learning and instruction, as well as curricular concepts shared by many other ICC courses at SIT. It is a modular curriculum, offering students an array of concepts and topics to explore in depth. Through a combination of independent assignments and peer feedback, students develop their understanding of the abstract and complex nature of intercultural communications, and apply it on a practical level in their daily lives.


Curriculum and Instruction | Instructional Media Design