Bringing Up an NGO: A Program Constraints Assessment and Evaluation of VEGlobal’s International Volunteer Program

Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

James Levinson


VEGlobal is an international volunteer organization founded in 2004 which works with a variety of Chilean children’s institutions in Santiago. VEGlobal provides these institutions, which include children’s homes, community centers and schools, with volunteer staff and resources. In addition to the main volunteer role of serving as role models, tutors and companions for the children, the organization runs several educational and cultural projects.

As a young organization with a staff of mostly volunteers, VEGlobal is constantly working towards making its program more effective. To assist in this undertaking, an evaluation, including a Program Constraints Assessment, was conducted. Seven current or former volunteers were interviewed, in addition to the Executive Director and the Project Director, regarding their opinions on the program’s effectiveness. The participants were asked what they considered the programs largest constraints and optimal means of overcoming these constraints. Additional questions regarding communication, projects, training and work within institutions were asked to provide more detailed information about the effectiveness of the program.

Four constraints are identified as the program’s most significant limitations: volunteer turnover, limited resources, volunteers’ understanding of their roles and duties and connection with the global and Chilean community. Suggestions are made to overcome these restraints.

Following the program constraints assessment, the organization’s projects, work within institutions and training program are examined. Recommendations are given regarding possible ways of improving these areas within the organization.

Finally, as VEGlobal has a stated goal of influencing volunteers to be agents of change, the effect of the program on the volunteers themselves is examined. Examples of the impact the experience has had on volunteers’ careers and future behavior are given.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations

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