How to Keep Your Immigrant Employees? The Case of the Russian-Speaking Immigrants at C&S Wholesale Grocers

Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Beverly Winterscheid


This study aimed at answering the question “What can be done to minimize Russian-speaking immigrant employee attrition at a US based manufacturing (warehousing) company? (The case study of the C&S Wholesale Grocers Westfield Facility.) Having used the following methods of data gathering: observation, exit interviews, interviews with the retained employees, unstructured interview with a night shift supervisor and a letter to the Dear Workforce panel of experts, I realized the necessity of a strategic approach, when dealing with an attrition problem.

Exit interviews conducted at the Westfield Facility throughout the whole period of my employment with the company indicated the vast range of issues that were causing immigrant employee attrition. The literature review allowed me to identify several methods available to address the problem. The most effective was to introduce a position of an intermediary, or middleman, to cushion the transition of immigrant employees to the company. Data acquired through my research supported this presumption.

This is a first step, however, and should not be regarded as the complete solution to increasing retention, as it does not foster immigrant employee’s relationship with the company, sharing of company’s culture and increasing employee participation. I offered, thus, a strategy of how to address an attrition problem, based on the following four criteria: effective management, career development, life-work balance and compensation/recognition. I also highlighted the important role that training should take for this strategy to become effective.

I expect that the findings of this study can be practically applied at the C&S Wholesale Grocers, and any other company employing Russian-speaking immigrants.


Human Resources Management | International and Intercultural Communication

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