Grant writing experience impacts nonprofit sector of La Plata County, Colorado, USA

Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Abdoul Diallo


A 2001 study analyzing the affect of grant writers on agencies in La Plata County, Colorado was conducted on 48 percent of specific nonprofit agencies serving low-income families, minorities and children. The research was preformed over a nine-month period in La Plata County Colorado, United States. An interview and a document review showed that in-house grant writing experience contributed significantly to financial stability. Comparisons of religious, governmental and secular not-for-profits showed varying income generating norms. Among other things, the paper recommends unification of the nonprofit sector through community awareness. The general populous should understand the impact of the nonprofit sector on local, national and global communities. Another recommendation was the consideration of coalitions to generate funds from larger sources of donors and address common population needs.

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