Dispelling Myths: The Role of Muslim Women in Indonesian Peacebuilding

Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Paula Green


This paper is a selective investigation of the role of Indonesian women in creating structures of peace in the post New Order era. Particular focus is made on the role of Islam historically and as a tool of conflict transformation. The objective to showcase women’s role in Indonesian structure was accomplished in two ways. Through a literature review the conflict history of Indonesia, the role of religion in the region, and the spaces that women occupy in this is interwoven to present a complete picture. Primary research was conducted through a survey of eight questions to connect the theoretical findings of the literature review to real world examples and applications referred to by the survey participants. The results reveled that women’s influence in peacebuilding is ubiquities and extensive in a patriarchal nation with an extensive history of violence.


Peace and Conflict Studies | Women's Studies

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