Corporate Constraints on Social Responsibility

Degree Name

MA in International and Intercultural Management

First Advisor

Paul Ventura


Corporate Social Responsibility is an emerging way of doing business. Many small and large companies alike have adopted strategies to align their social and environmental performance with their financial performance. Some studies have demonstrated that companies that employ socially responsible policies are more successful and sustainable in the long-term. This paper probes into the constraints that companies face in becoming socially responsible as a way to answer the questions as to why the majority of companies are still focused solely on financial return. Companies with the reputation of being socially responsible were identified and solicited to participate in a phone interview to determine the challenges that they face in implementing and maintaining such programs. Additionally, information was provided by consulting companies that promote corporate social responsibility and provide objective insight into this question. This research suggests that there are various reasons why companies have not adopted socially responsible businesses practices. In addition to a lack of resources (funds, personnel, expertise) some companies still do not recognize the need to change while others have some anxiety about changing their systems to integrate social responsibility. The shift from thinking in terms of numerical success on a per quarter basis proves to be a daunting task for most companies. The commitment to corporate social responsibility requires that companies re-evaluate their goals, policies, and way’s of communicating with the public.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations

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