The Impact of a Long-Term Dropout Prevention Program on Four Hispanic Students Currently Enrolled in Post-Secondary Education

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

David Shallenberger


This paper explores the college experience of four unique Hispanic students. These students were once participants of the I Have a Dream (IHAD) program of Boulder County, Colorado, a long-term dropout prevention program that serves economically disadvantaged children in Boulder County. During an internship with IHAD, I began to wonder what the impact of a long-term dropout prevention program is on a student’s collegiate experience since IHAD’s services technically end after students have successfully completed high school.

I used narrative inquiry to delve into the lives of these students in order to understand their lived experiences during their participation in the IHAD program and thereafter. This paper provides the intriguing perspectives of four people who are attending college, against all odds, and more importantly, it tells their story using their own words.



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