PROSHIKA is one of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh. This study focused on the gender sensitivity of PROSHIKA. To examine gender sensitivity within PROSHIKA, its gender related policy and the written documents of the organization were reviewed. Data was also collected from the PROSHIKA staff members (respondents) through structured interviews, follow up-letters (questionnaires) and participant observation. Five conclusions were made from the study. First, PROSHIKA has an intentional and a well-designed gender related policy. Second, PROSHIKA has been trying to increase the number of female staff in the organization as well as within management for the last five years through special recruitment, special training programs, and by giving special emphasis on management planning. Third, due to the organizational values and culture, better working relationships have been created between female and male staff within the organization. The practices of values and culture of PROSHIKA influenced the work place to create a gender friendly environment in the organization. In addition, PROSHIKA's female staff members are involved in an intensive capacity development processes aimed at career development. Finally, the gender sensitivity activities of PROSHIKA have been reflected in PROSHIKA's policy and practices. The gender sensitivity of an organization is related to a number of factors. It is a gradual and continuous process. PROSHIKA's efforts and positive trends (actions) towards gender sensitivity has helped to make it an effective gender sensitive organization that can serve as a model for eventually bringing about positive change in the greater society in Bangladesh in terms of gender equity.

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