Case Study: The Impact Of Multiple Partnerships On Client Participation In A Bolivian NGO

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Kanthie Athukorala


The purpose of this study was to understand to what level the Comedor de Niños “Etta Turner,” a small non governmental organization in Montero, Bolivia, is a participatory organization and whether or not the beliefs, attitudes and motivations of the partners regarding participation had an impact on the level of client participation within the organization. A single case study of the Comedor de Niños “Etta Turner” was used to conduct the research for this study. The data collection methods used in this case study included: eleven open ended, one on one interviews, one questionnaire, documentation review and analysis, and direct and participant observations.

The primary question for this research was: What is the impact of multiple partnerships, within one organization, on client participation in the decision making and learning processes of the organization? The information gathered from the Comedor de Niños “Etta Turner” case study shows the impact the multiple partnership within the organization had on the level of client participation in the organization’s programs, activities and the decision making processes.

Four topic areas were investigated to understand the impact of the partnership on client participation and the participatory decision making process. Those areas included: understanding the relationship between the Comedor partnership, understanding the degree to which all Comedor stakeholders understand the Comedor’s mission, reviewing the participatory decision making and learning process within the Comedor, and reviewing the partner, staff and client definitions of participation.


Organizational Behavior and Theory

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