Profitable Sustainability: The Future of the Millennium Business

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Ken Williams


Several companies throughout the world are re-examining their business operations and relationships in a fundamental way. They are exploring the concept of Sustainable Development, seeking to integrate their pursuit of profitable growth with the reassurance of environmental protection and quality of life for present and future generations. Based on this new viewpoint, some companies are beginning to make noteworthy changes in their commitments, policies and business strategies. This paper presents the concept of profitable sustainability that reconciles sustainability and corporate profitability.

This study represents an attempt by seven leading companies to explore how the industry as a whole can evolve over time to better meet the need for global sustainable development whilst enhancing shareholder value. The seven firms were: Bovince Limited (UK), DuPont (USA), Ford Motor Company (USA), Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. (India), Novo Nordisk As (Denmark), Statens järnvägars—SJ Rail (Sweden) and Yes Bank (India). This research concerned in depth questioning of these organizations on their policies, perceptions and growth relating to sustainable development. A number of technical, managerial, and operational issues are examined in depth. The research targets on determining factors leading to profitable sustainability and goes beyond to propose possible actions to develop business operation. The recommendations and measures toward sustainable development contained herein are based on the outcome of research regarding the status and prospective opportunities for the industry as a whole. The intent of the study is to share information that will help any company—regardless of its size, location or current state of progress—to work fruitfully toward a sustainable future.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Strategic Management Policy

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