Maasai Youth: Careers at the Margins

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Paul Ventura


The research question was to find out the dominant reasons that cause

most Maasai youth to drop out of secondary school, and what might parents,

teachers, and education officers do to address the issue.

Maasai parents generally believe that western education can lead their

children to a better future. As a result, Maasai children have been sent to

boarding schools for a western education. However, with rising social-economic

challenges in the Maasai region the goal for a western education has been

difficult to attain. Maasai youth are dropping out of high school due to lack

financial support for school fees and learning materials.

High school dropouts miss the opportunity, not only to become warriors

herders, but also to be professionals. Maasai youth are left in the unfortunate

position of having almost no profession, neither in Maasai land nor outside

Maasai land.

Information for this research was collected from a selected group of

Maasai high school dropouts, parents, teachers, and education officers in charge

education in Merrueshi location.

It is hoped that the findings from this research will help the Maasai youth,

parents, teachers, and education officers in Merrueshi location with their quest

ideas and alternatives for making sure that the children complete high school.

great deal of cultural sensitivity was observed throughout this research.


African Languages and Societies | Education

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