This study identifies and examines factors influencing University of North Dakota (UND) students not to study abroad despite showing initial interest. In order to identify these factors, a questionnaire was developed and administered to UND students who had the opportunity to hear about study abroad. The questionnaire was administered to two hundred forty-two students and resulted in a thirty-six percent (86 students) response rate. The questionnaire addressed three main topics: 1) how students at UND first learned about study abroad opportunities, 2) why students decided not to study abroad despite researching the opportunity, and 3) what possible incentives would attract students to study abroad. A host of other questions were asked for statistical purposes and analysis. Based on the findings, a number of recommendations have been made to help the Office of International Programs (OIP) recruit and retain more students for study abroad. The recommendations include: 1) establishing a targeted recruiting strategy, 2) informing freshmen and transfer students about UND study abroad programs, 3) enhancing advertising opportunities about study abroad, and 4) improving financial incentives. Each recommendation has specific sub-categories which resulted from the data collected in the questionnaire.

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