This paper explores natural constituents' reasons for joining a grassroots organization's board of directors. For the purpose of this paper, "natural constituents" refers to members of the Latino community who are part of the workforce. Also discussed are the perceptions board members have about their roles and responsibilities as such. These characteristics and perceptions will be drawn from present and past board members of a grassroots non-profit organization in Mammoth Lakes California and from literature available on the subject. Diversification among board members is explored, as is how diversification enables them to carry out the social mission of the organization. Benefits and drawbacks of having natural constituents as part of the board of directors are investigated. Finally, the board's level of satisfaction is measured in terms of their perceived ability to create change in the community and to achieve the organization's goals and objectives. The significance of the data gathered this study benefits the growth of the organization as whole and assists in the formation of a permanent governing board, future board development, and future planning.