Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

William Hoffa


Willamette University (WU) Language in Motion (LiM) is an interactive cultural program in Salem, Oregon. WU study abroad returnees, international students and upper-level language students give cultural presentations to students in Kindergarten-12th grade classes. WU LiM has been growing steadily since 2007, working to fulfill its goals of sharing language and culture with local Salem-Keizer Public School (SKPS) students. As the program has reached capacity, WU LiM coordinators wanted to evaluate its progress and identify the needs of WU LiM participants.

This research explores WU LiM’s current goals and provides new objectives and strategies for program development. The author describes program methodology of other LiM participating colleges and universities, discusses theories of different learning styles, and evaluates WU LiM using Gardner’s (1977) framework to assess performance and objectives.

The author sought feedback regarding the SKPS teachers’ and WU LiM presenters’ impressions of the impact of the presentations. The online surveys focused on: SKPS students increased awareness of culture, SKPS students engagement with the information, LiM presenters teaching to multiple learning styles, and important skills necessary for LiM presenters to give effective presentations. The personal communication sessions asked participants to discuss: reasons for their participation, benefits of the presentations, methods in which LiM presenters could improve their presentations and how LiM coordinators and SKPS teachers can support the LiM presenters.

This capstone will provide suggestions of new strategies for WU LiM by discussing theory, evaluating current practices and gathering data from primary resources.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education


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